Wicked Vixen is lead DJ and has been supplying music for many of the irc rooms on the cuff-link and bondage servers. Her voice is sensuously seductive and highly addictive so be sure to listen to her when she's on.

Kaj loves all kinds of music, she is a fan of love songs and female musicians the most. One of her shows "Love Songs for Lovers" will be featured every Sunday night from 7pm to Midnight est. Oh, and to answer anyone's question, yes..she is submissive, but sorry ..she's taken.

Buck Naked, or just Buck to his close friends; thinks of himself as a bit of a ladies man. He's the youngest of the DJ's so you can be sure that he will be playing more current music and stuff that will get the blood pumping and get you out of your seat.

Howlin' Jack is our resident wild man when he does his Howlin'Jack Riley Show where he believes that every night is a good night to howl. You won't want to miss his show.

Rock is our ever faithful Auto DJ who will crank out the tunes when no other DJ is available. He has a variety of playlists from the 50s all the way to present day.

Image Disclaimer: The images used to represent the DJs are not their real pictures but are merely images that they've requested to be used in place of their real pictures to protect their privacy.