Domination Radio started out in the fall of 2013 before moving to a more secure hosting site in the summer of 2014. Domination Radio is located on the corner of Mistress Way and Domination Blvd. on the bondage server and has been providing "the music to tie for" for several IRC rooms over the past three years including #La_Maison_de_Bordeaux, #The_Velvet_Rope, and #Temptation!

While the station caters to those individuals who are in alternative lifestyles, specifically of a D/s nature, and the DJs are either Dominant or submissive, we here at Domination Radio believe that music is universal and is quite often the glue that bonds communities of people together no matter what their lifestyle choices are.

If you want to ask us a question, you can email us at Domination Radio or catch the current DJ online on yahoo messenger.